Wednesday, April 3, 2013

W30- Day ten

Missed us?  Well, it's day ten, and I really wish I could approach this entry with much enthusiasm.

Truth is, I (Mandy) have really slimmed down  but the down side is it's mostly due to a bad case of Strep Throat.  Weeee.  I realized I had it on Monday, and I'm pretty sure it's some kind of weirdness that came from whatever the eye issue was.

I have tried to stick with the Whole30 as much as possible, although I have had honey (very soothing and good for the throat, one of the main ingredients in many natural treatments), as well as probiotic-laden yogurt (which was very comforting to my throat, but may have caused some extra mucus, so I only had a little).  I am using many different natural methods to combat the evil sickness because my body doesn't do well with antibiotics, and I'd really hate to kill off all the healthy bacteria in my body, plus I'm nursing still.

So my main method right now is gargling/swallowing Colloidal Silver, which seems pretty controversial when I look around the web.  Definitely not looking for an argument about natural methods or antibiotics here. Just trying to do what is best for my body!

Brandon is doing pretty good. When we first got married, he would eat his plate of food, have seconds, and then finish off whatever was left on mine.  Over the last couple years, he has cut down his portion size significantly, but I never would have guessed that it would take even less to satisfy him.  When food is packed with nutrition, it does that.  I am learning that empty calories have nothing to offer.

I think the hardest thing for him right now is that I am not able to make him breakfast or put together his lunches because I am pretty darn sick, and I know that having his breakfasts and lunches provided for him is a great help.  I am REALLY looking forward to being well so I can once again function in our household!

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