Saturday, March 30, 2013

Stats & Day 5 recap

We have a little stat update!
Five days into Whole30, and here are some of the changes in our measurements.

Waist (around belly button): 33 inches.  (That's a 3 inch loss!)
Hips (widest part of my hips): 39 inches. (a 1 inch loss!)

Waist (around belly button): 51 & 1/4 inches. (Almost 5 inches!)
Where he wears his pants/belt: 45 1/2 inches.  (1/2 inch loss!)

Day 5 was difficult for me (Mandy). Detox hit me pretty bad, so I feel like my allergies are out of control.  Plus, I have a sty, so... I look particularly lovely.

Nevermind the Saint Patty's Day nails that need to be redone.

So, yesterday, I really wished I would have just gone Paleo rather than jumped into the Whole30 (which is a stricter form of Paleo).  Then I could have Paleo-fied my favorites (cake, for one) and fed my cravings.  But I realize one of the reasons we decided to do Whole30 is to slap that sugar demon down and overcome those fierce cravings... not satisfy them with something "a little healthier".

I made it through, and I am thankful.  The weird thing about being on this diet is that even when I feel cruddy, I feel good.  It's hard to explain it because, I know, that doesn't make much sense, but inside my body, I feel really good. My guts feel good. My heart feels good. My lungs feel good.  My eye may be swollen, my nose may itch, I may have a headache, and my hips may need a major chiropractic adjustment, but inside, I FEEL AWESOME. 

That's a strange feeling because, usually, when I feel bad, I feel bad all over. 

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