Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Links to Check Out: Ancestral Chef

I love checking out Paleo blogs. There's always ideas, articles, and recipes that encourage me, and Louise at Ancestral Chef goes a step beyond.  First, she offers her book, Simple Paleo Recipes, for free on iTunes.  Sweet, right? She also offers a 4-week Paleo meal plan for free. (It's on the column to the right of her blog! Easy to sign up!)  Seriously, how awesome are these freebies?

When I signed up for her meal plan, she emailed me to ask if I was new to the Paleo diet, and then offered to help me if I had any questions or was looking for any specific recipes.  Aw, nice!

Check out her blog, read her Paleo testimony, and try out some of her recipes!  And, if you're on Instagram, follow her @Ancestralchef.  Nothing like some great Paleo foods to get your mouth watering! 
(Photos below property of Ancestral Chef.)

(I'm McMandyMom on IG, btw.)

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