Tuesday, April 23, 2013

W30- Day 30!!!!

Day thirty snuck up on us!  We don't have any comparison photos for you today, but we did want to share our current stats.  (You can see comparison photos we took on day 26.)


Weight: 267 lbs (that's 18 pounds down!).
Chest: 52 inches (one inch slimmer!)
Belly: 50 inches (a whopping six inches thinner!)
Belt area: 45 inches (one inch skinnier!)
Thigh: 29 inches (one inch dropped!)


Weight: 120 (5 pounds gone!)
Chest: 33 inches (3 inches of that back fat, gone!)
Waist: 31 inches (5 inches slimmer!)
Hips: 37 inches (3 inches disappeared!)
Thigh: 21 inches (2 inches kapoof!)

It's really amazing to see the results of only one month of healthy, clean eating.  Mandy's goal is to start toning, while Brandon's goal is to continue losing weight and healing his body.  We will continue using the Whole30 as our guidelines, because we are all benefiting from it!

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Gi Verones said...

We do wanna switch too!!!! Congratz