Wednesday, April 17, 2013

W30- Day 24

Today is the grand opening of our area Sprout's grocery store, so the kids and I (Mandy) braved the chaos to check it out.  One thing I love about small stores like Sprout's and Trader Joes? It's so much easier to find products that fit our diet quirks!  Large grocery stores have so much junk to sift through... I usually don't even bother going down most of the aisles.

Plus, I was really pumped to find the latest issue of Paleo Mag while waiting to check out!

Obviously our family does not subscribe to some of the foundational theories behind Paleo (old world, cavemen yadda yadda), but we have really benefited from cutting out grains, dairy, legumes, and all the nasty, icky junk that is in so many processed foods these days. We are interested in optimal health for our family, and that's the reason we took the Whole30 dive!

I'm really excited to find I have so much more energy.  I've been walking the dog around the property five or six times a day, sometimes jogging and playing around with him as well.  I haven't felt winded or completely exhausted as I normally would. Running 5 yards used to leave me breathless, gasping for air and ready to collapse on the couch.  Yesterday my friend Becky came over and we walked around for about an hour! Great conversation and exercise!

I'm working my way to actually working out.  I'm not a gym person (been there, done that, hated it), and my favorite exercises are those that don't require any fancy equipment. Remember gym class when you were a kid?  I always loved those warm ups and simple but effective exercise routines, and I see that is making a comeback!

Here's a great link: 50 Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
Bear crawls, burpees, lunges, planks, squats, crunches, and arm circles?  These are exercises our whole family can do, no expensive gym membership or gadgets required. I do have some weights I will definitely work in.

I'm thrilled to be wearing some of my favorite (CUTE!) clothes that I haven't worn in some time, but more than that, I'm excited that I can run, play, and romp with my family and dog, without feeling like I need to nap the rest of the day away!

I can't guarantee that the dog won't need a nap though!

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