Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Becky's W30- Day 10

Several of our friends have decided to try out the Whole30, but today I (Mandy) want to introduce you to my "sister-from-another-mister", Becky.  I love this girl.  She's really beautiful, inside and out, and her smile just lights up a room. She has a bubbly personality, and she's very outgoing.  She knows no stranger. She's always friendly. And, at the risk of sounding like a ten year old, she's my very bestest friend, after my husband, of course.

Becky took on the challenge when she realized she was using food as a crutch.  Just as I did, she suddenly saw that she had been turning to food instead of Jesus Christ. She found comfort in grazing on food throughout the day rather than running to her Savior.

Becky and I have a lot in common. We both have five children (similar age ranges), we both home school, we're both pretty nutty in the noggin, and we both really want to be healthy and provide healthy food for our families.  (See her beautiful family above?)

Becky with Evie (my daughter), Joshua (her baby), Abigail (her toddler),
and Me (Mandy) with Molly Jo
(March 2013)
Abigail (Becky's toddler), and Evie with Becky in the background.

Becky has struggled with food and weight since she was very young. Recently she confessed to the Lord that her willpower and knowledge simply are not enough, and now He's transforming her body in more ways than weight and body shape!

But, right now, in this post, I'm going to post about weight and body shape until I can do a proper interview.
When we first took her measurements, she was four days into the Whole30 (April 25th).  Today she is 10 days in!

April 25th measurements:

185 lbs (weight)
42 inches (breast)
36 inches (below breast)
40 1/2 inches (belly button area)
43 inches (widest part of hips)
27 inches (thigh)

Today, May 1st she's measuring in at:

179 lbs (weight)  
41 inches (breast)
36 inches (below breast)
37 inches(belly button area)
43 inches (widest part of hips)
24 inches (thigh)
and today we also measured the widest part of her bicep, which was 15.25 inches.

TEN DAYS, people. Ten days of eating healthy, satisfying, flavorful food.  Ten days without constant snacking.

While I don't have Day 1 photos of her, I did snap photos today.  I want to thank Becky for letting me share these on my blog, because, yes, I did ask if I could share all of this.

Toddler photo bomb!

I've already noticed major changes in her (I mean she did lose over three inches around her middle! WHAT? In only TEN DAYS?).  And, that smile seems all the more bigger now. I love that smile!


Anonymous said...

You look fabulous, Becky! And, er,.... do you know that was my top when I was around your age? It won't die! I just may have to ask for it back! ha

Your face is so slender.... you do look like Mandy, but I think it's more that y'all are alike in being so sweet! Keep it up!

DaBlairs said...

Mandy, you have definitely given me a springboard as I researched this lifestyle change, and your results were amazing. But seeing Becky's numbers out there really inspired me to do this. I'm on day 9 and since hubby won't be here tomorrow, we did measurements today...4.5 pounds down and 12 inches total lost - mostly back fat and hips! Thank you, Brandon and Becky for sharing your experiences!